Hello everyone!

I am Ashwin Bansode and have been an active trader for the past 8 years in equities, equity options and futures, currency and commodity.

In the year 2012, I was introduced to the share market and was fascinated with the process of earning and losing money. Without giving a second thought, I ventured into this trading world. However, the things which looked so easy at first glance were the toughest to get into.

Here, I will not tell you the whole story of the last 8 years of losing, winning, etc, I will cover it in my blogs on this website.

Now after I came so far with the knowledge and tricks of how to succeed in the stock market, I want to let you people know that it is not hard to earn money in trading and investing in the stock market, what it makes so difficult is our own mindset. We just need to create a simple trading plan and stick to it. Let the trade happen, be it positive or negative. There is a saying “Plan the Trade and Trade the Plan“.

That’s the reason I have started my personal blog “Chart Trader”. Here you will come to know the basic rule which is to “follow the footprint or path”. This path is created by the big bulls or bears and the small investor or trader just needs to follow it, to become a Pro Trader.

You will have a thorough understanding of how the stock market works, the mechanism of trading, how to create simple trading strategies, following those trading rules, how to handle emotions to adhere to these strategies, risk management of trades, etc.