Welcome to Chart Trader. A unique way to let you know when to BUY and SELL. This includes any instrument such as Equity Shares, Equity Futures & Options (also known as Derivatives), Forex, Commodity Futures, and Interest rates futures.

Dear Readers, before moving ahead let me ask you a question. Do you want to become a successful trader or investor in investment market? Okay, so let me know what makes the prices of the entire above-mentioned instrument going UP or coming DOWN? Any guess? It is US, the Buyers & Sellers of these trading instruments. Then on what basis you make a decision of this act? Your own judgment, news, upcoming event, tips, ticks of live index futures….the list goes on.

After summarizing all these sources which makes up your mind to Push the Buy/Sell button, the outcome which we all are eager about and as per human tendency has to be Positive. And what we do if it’s Negative? We start blaming all these resources. We start talking negatively about the investing market. But we never look objectively at the Chart of these instruments. At this juncture, the Chart Trader will help you clear out all the self-doubts you carry on the journey of becoming successful in the investment market. I will tell you how to look at the chart, how to read it, how to avoid the mistakes, how to learn “not to lose too much money” etc.

The trading mechanism of Chart Trader is very simple. We first create a trading plan. Remember, without a robust trading strategy your chances to exist in the stock market are very slim. We identify Entry and Exit, then set Stop Loss and Target. Now after the plan is set, we just need to follow it rigorously. Keep in mind that all these trading strategies are entirely based upon Price Action. Price action is what we must look into at all times. Also, remember that never move your stop loss if the price is trading around it. To be a successful trader you need to minimize your losses because it’s not about how much you make on a trade it’s about how much you don’t lose on it.

trading profit

The above strategy can be applied to any stock market. In fact, the share market today has more liquidity than 10-15 years ago. The momentum keeps changing at a rapid pace. The number of participants has increased tremendously. Amid all these rush, as I said you need to adhere to the proven strategy. I will post the trades which follow such strategies in my upcoming blog. Till then, make your one.

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